Group Show

Solo Show

9th of February – 20th of March 2021

my time your time our time time
Perrotin, Tokyo

Voyage Visage Passage

Poster to accompany the solo exhibition Voyage Visage Passage at Perrotin, Paris.

Group Show

6th of September – 2nd of November 2019

Gabi Dziuba "Alley-Oop"
Kaune Contemporary & Galerie Nagel Draxler

Schmuck in Zusammenarbeit mit Gabi Dzuiba und andere Werke von: Monika Baer, Dirk Bell, Günther Förg, Thilo Heinzmann, Andy Hope 1930, Axel Hütte, Martin Kippenberger, Kalin Lindena, Hans-Jörg Mayer, Markus Oehlen, Tobias Rehberger, Jan Timme, Joseph Zehrer, Heimo Zobernig

Solo Show

7th of September – 5th of October 2019

Voyage Visage Passage
Perrotin, Paris


Review on Pantaloni at neugerriemschneider by Michael Bracewell in Burlington Contemporary.


Leaflet to accompany the solo exhibition Pantaloni at neugerriemschneider, Berlin.


Leaflet to accompany the solo presentation at Fiac Paris 2018 with neugerriemschneider.

Solo Show

12th of April - 19th of May 2018

Wabel In My Walk
dépendance, Brussels

Group Show

8th of July - 19th of November 2017

Bombas Gens Centre d’Art, Valencia

Solo Show

13th of April – 18th of May 2017

We, Rivers & Mountains
Galerie Perrotin, Seoul

Group Show

CONDO 2017
dépendance at Maureen Paley, London

14 January – 12 February 2017

Richard Aldrich
Thomas Bayrle
Hendrik Dubbels (1620-1676)
Michaela Eichwald
Thilo Heinzmann
Sergej Jensen
Maaike Schoorel
Nora Schultz
Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys
Adriaen van de Venne (1589 - 1662)
Haegue Yang

Maureen Paley

To Be And To Be

Digital version of the poster to accompany the exhibition To Be And To Be at Carl Freedman gallery, London.

12 Conversations with Thilo Heinzmann for string quartet

Jóhann Jóhannsson is an Icelandic composer recently acclaimed for his film music – including Theory of Everything, for which he was nominated for an Oscar and won a Golden Globe in 2015; and the score for the film Sicario, for which he has been nominated for an Oscar in 2016. Jóhann will also be writing the music for the upcoming sequel to Bladerunner.

We are working on a collaborative project between Jóhann and the artist Thilo Heinzmann. A chain of ideas that started with a conversation in Berlin in 2013 about why Britain should stay in the European Union, that turned into a painting on a well in Jóhann’s studio in Copenhagen, that is becoming a composition with a subliminal message for a British audience.

The first visible result of the project will be the premiere of Jóhann’s music on 16 April 2016 at the Conway Hall in London; we’ll then be recording the music with the record company Junk Ibu and releasing a limited edition LP designed by Thilo Heinzmann late in 2016.

Jóhann Jóhannsson

Richard Thomas Foundation